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Overview - What is Market Street?

There are lots of apps and websites that businesses can use to promote their products and services. Majority are about acquiring new customers, and often people that purchase the deals tend to be one-time customers looking for a great offer as opposed to a new customer for life.  

Market Street is an iPhone app designed for small businesses to help grow small businesses. You can use the app to acquire new customers and grow your share of your existing customers. Market Street offers two unique differences to other apps and websites: 
1. You can send targeted offers and news to those customers and users who show genuine interest in receiving your news and offers i.e loyal “Followers” of your business; and  
2. Using our “Market Share” technology we promote your Market Street Micro-app to the customers of other businesses – making it a very easy, affordable and effective acquisition and loyalty tool.  

The most successful marketing programs are about testing and learning; small investments to test a new initiative and monitor the results. Market Street, free for the first 100 merchants to register*, gives you an opportunity to test it and see the results for yourself.  

* Market Street is free for the first 100 merchants who sign-up.  Merchants that join after this pay a one-time registration fee and low monthly subscription fee. Any merchant can cancel their subscription at any time, making this a great opportunity to see if it’s right for your business.
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